How To Update A TomTom GPS?

Update A TomTom GPS

Update A TomTom GPS

  1. The first thing which you have to do to update your TomTom GPS device is to make sure you head over to the TomTom GPS official website and then wait for the webpage to load.
  2. If you have consistently been using the TomTom GPS then you will mostly already have the TomTom GPS software downloaded for your screen.
  3. But in the case that you do not, then make sure you download the TomTom GPS software which is available on the official website. Make sure this is done before you proceed to any of the further steps.
  4. Once you have downloaded the software on your device, you will be given a number of options when you open it.
  5. Make sure you click on the downloaded software and then let it load completely.
  6. The software takes a couple of minutes to finish installing properly, and only then you get to see the options which are there for you to pick from.
  7. This is where you will receive the option available on your screen to update and install the required TomTom GPSsoftwares.
  8. Make sure you click on the update option available there.
  9. You might also need to connect your TomTom GPS device to your computer with the help of wires which you received at the time of purchasing.
  10. You will also get to see the latest map updates and all the latest software options which are now available to you. Pick the ones you deem suitable and then proceed.
  11. Make the requisite payments which you are required to do with your device and then move forward.
  12. Once you have downloaded them, again give it some amount of time before you start to use them for the installing process to finish.

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