How Can I Update an old Garmin GPS?

Update an old Garmin GPS

Update an old Garmin GPS

  1. The foremost thing which one could do is make sure that you first go to the Garmin official website and then click on the ‘express’ option within it. This is the website. From here you have to locate where the ‘download’ option has been given on the screen.
  2. The download option will be given to you according to your operating system. You have to make sure that you download according to your particular OS. The downloaded file will save onto your computer or any other device.
  3. The file will take some time to load. Once it has been saved onto the device, then you have to click on the saved file and open it. Then follow the set of instructions given which follow and this will help you install the Garmin express.
  4. After this what you have to do is to use the cable given to you at the time of purchase, and then connect your Garmin device with the computer or laptop which you are using. Ensure the setup process has been initiated on your computer.
  5. The computer device will give you a notification when the device has been recognized.
  6. Another important thing is that now you will be given the option to login with your details and credentials. You have to make sure that you type in the correct name and credentials.
  7. Once this has been done, then you will be given the option to view all the updates on Garmin which are available. Make sure you glance over at all the possible updates and download the ones which you want to.
  8. This might take a little time, and ensure the entire initiation process is complete before you remove the cable connect from the device.
  9. You could also try using your Garmin device to check whether or not it is working properly and the updates have been downloaded.Update Garmin GPS

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